Show Notes (Episodes 1-50)

Episode 50 Show Notes:

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Imaginary Friends Show #166:


Oklahoma Republican introduces bill to block gay marriage in by outlawing marriage

This story has crack, HIV, and church

Nepalese girls kidnapped by prehistoric nonsense to be compensated:

Sarah Palin lectures Obama on race for MLK Day:,0,3099194.story#axzz2rPG7wjaO

Senator suggests taxing property:

West Virginia snake handling preacher dies from rattlesnake bite:

ACLU sues LA school district for all kind of Christian bullshit:

Pope releases peace-doves, which get attacked by atheist birds:

Episode 49 Show Notes:

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Cognitive Dissonance; Episode 134:

Rational Talk; Homepage:

Atheists On Air; Episode 29:


Nun gives birth after seemingly immaculate conception:

PA state rep makes up some atheists, pretends they support his proposal:

Maldivian President declared law against marital rape “un-islamic”

Hindu cult thinks drinking cow piss cures cancer:

Teen mom and B-list porn star to author Christian parenting book:

Episode 48 Show Notes:

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Mr. Oz Atheist’s Blog:

Mr. Oz Atheist on Twitter:


NECSS (Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism)


American Atheists’ Annual Convention:

Imagine No Religion 4:

TAM (The Amazing Meeting)


Pastor vows to “try atheism for a year”.  Congregants vow to fire his ass:

Alabama teacher rapist repents:

Bill Nye to debate Ken Ham at Creationist Museum:

Pope Okays Boobs in Church:

Vatican refuses to extradite serial pedophile:

Feminism causes AIDS:

South African pastor tells his congregation to eat grass:

Episode 47 Show Notes:

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Christians think atheists are Nazis:

Pope shocked by the notion of gay people being allowed to raise kids:

LaBarbera laments tragic Robin Roberts closet incident:

Rabbi accidentally cuts off more than the foreskin:

EPISODE 46 Show Notes:

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EPISODE 45 Show Notes:

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Link to Hemant’s Blog:

Link to Hemant’s Book on Amazon:

Link to InKredulous Podcast:

Link to Atheist Nomads Podcast:


he Duck Dynasty Guy getting from the Westboro Baptist Church:

Judge orders that Mount Soledad cross be removed:

Salvation Army volunteer punched for saying “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”:

Pussy-Riot members released from prison:

Turing pardoned:

Oklahoma declares “moratorium” on displays at Statehouse

Belgium approves euthanasia for kids:

EPISODE 44 Show Notes:

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Link to Stitcher Award Nomination Page:


Link to the InKredulous Podcast:

Link to Hemant’s Blog:

Link to Hemant’s Book on Amazon:

Link to Secular Student Alliance:

Link to Freedom From Religion Foundation:

Link to Reddit/Atheism:


Court sides with Archdiocese in contraception controversy:

Panspermians looking to debunk Darwin:–sunburn-bad-backs-pain-labour-prove-expert-claims.html

Jesus can say say cracker: <<and>> <<and>>

Utah judge strikes down anti-polygamy law:

EPISODE 43 Show Notes:

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Fatwa: Women who swim in the ocean are committing adultery: <<also>>

Satanist seek to put up monument in Oklahoma courthouse:

Pope admits he used to work as a bouncer:

Gay Catholic School teacher fired for applying for marriage lisence:

Rush v. the Holy Triumverate:

EPISODE 42 Show Notes:

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ACLU sues Catholicism for owning hospitals while being heartless pricks:

Albuquerque church offers refunds if the god you buy is broken:

FFRF places atheist plaque in Illinois Capitol building:

Kansas town adds “prayer booths” to “call god”:

Cardinal Dolan: Catholics were “Out Marketed” on gay marriage:

Russian parents jailed after choosing baptism over hospital for post car-crash infant:

Pennsylvania church to attract with Duck Dynasty inspired “camo” service:

America removes embassy from Vatican city:

EPISODE 41 Show Notes:

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Wisconsin judge strikes down parsonage exemption: and

Science wins, stupidity loses in Texas Board of Education throwdown:

UK Universities allowed to segregate genders during debates:

Pastor suspended 30 days for officiating at his son’s gay wedding :

Saudi Man arrested for giving out free hugs

Israeli rabbinical court orders mother to circumcise her son

Christian group plans “Day of Prayer” against porn:

EPISODE 40 Show Notes:

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Pope refuses a deal he can’t refuse:

Islamic extremists cut off the wrong dude’s head, apologize:

Controversy over George W. speaking at “Jews for Jesus” conference:

FoxNews’ panties wrinkled over Bible being labeled as “Fiction” at Costco:

Illinois Bishop plans gay-marriage exorcism:

Conan mocks Islam

EPISODE 39 Show Notes:

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Hasidic rabbis rape about half the available little boys:

Airforce makes “Under God” pledge optional, Texas congressman is livid:

Knoxville Preacher busted with illegal snakes:

Patriarchy priest resigns because of extramarital affair

Pat Robertson wins “Bigot of the Year” award

Korean Bible Drop

Bus driver refuses to stop praying to captive children, gets fired:

Fort Worth congregation starts “Church-in-a-pub”:

EPISODE 38 Show Notes:

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Egyptians arrested for starting atheist Facebook page:

25% of Americans believe the Jews killed Jesus:

Bill to put “In God We Trust” in every classroom passes PA Education committee:

Funniest Female Ever:–what-it-says-about-everyone-205502002.html

Christians give out graphic anti-abortion propaganda at Halloween:

Man accidentally shot while “hunting bigfoot” with friends:

Hallmark edits Deck the Hall to remove references to butt-sex:

Satan Almost Gets Soul at High School Cross Country Race:

EPISODE 37 Show Notes:

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Tom Flynn Sponsored by the San Antonio Coalition of Reason:


No Soup for you:

Christian sues for right not to work on Sunday:

Pat Robertson and Jesus could have cured Helen Keller:

Muslim parents sue for right to shave their retarded daughter’s pubes:

That kid is back on the escalator to heaven:

Rabbi bans soy because it may cause gay sex:

EPISODE 36 Show Notes:

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Atheism 101 Podcast:


Scientology fraud conviction upheld:

Christianity loses debate and refuses to release tape:

Muslims decide it’s okay for starving Syrians to eat dogs:

Kuwait gets national gaydar technology:

American Atheists to hold convention in Salt Lake City, no billboard company will rent to them:

Tea Party leader proposes class action lawsuit against homosexuality:

German Bishop builds palace fit for an Prosperity Gospel preacher:


Florida Freethought Conference in Orlando:

Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Sydney, Australia:

Carl Sagan Day Conference:

The 6th annual Skepticon in Springfield, Illinois:

The Orszagos Szkeptikus Konferencia in Szekesfehervar, Hungary:

The Australian Skeptics’ National Convention in Canberra:

EPISODE 35 Show Notes:

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Thomas and the Bible:

Thomas’ other podcast, F This Podcast:

Cams World (Science in Sport) Podcast:


Scalia says atheism “favors the devil’s desires”:

Rabbis planned to kidnap husbands and force divorces:

Hindu man sacrifices 8 month old to god:

Vatican misspells Jesus:

Kosher phones block emergency numbers for sexual assault victims:,7340,L-4431017,00.html

EPISODE 34 Show Notes:

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Hobby Lobby reluctantly agrees to carry Jewish holiday stuff:

Pedophile expert declares Protestants worse than Catholics

Muslim Clerics warn women who drive will damage their ovaries and have mutant babies:

Obama’s Muslims agenda gone too far – Klayman calls for military coup:

Chicago restaurant offers “Communion Burger”, Catholics lose their shit:

Jesus and Mo T-shirts censored at LSE:

Punk Band shoots porn video on lawn of Westboro Baptist Church:

EPISODE 33 Show Notes:

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C-Webb’s Sunday School:

Thomas and the Bible:


Atheist Meet and Mingle in Vegas:


Kansas Christian group sues to remove evolution from curriculum on the grounds that it is a religious belief:

UK Politician calls for the death of Sudanese Apostate

Russian court bans the Koran for being extremist:

Sri Lankan exorcist kills cat, self:

Alabama town fights crime with Jesus:

Saudi Arabia is not a good place to get raped:

EPISODE 32 Show Notes:

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One third of Americans believe prayer can cure mental illness:

Texas School Board trying to get more creationism in the school books:

Pennsylvania bus company changes ad policy over lowest-key atheist ad in history:

Jews perform the annual chicken-baton sin-absorption ritual:

Man sentenced to 10 months for vicious bacon attack:

Denver is the new Sodom: and also…

German churches to offer “erotic” sermons:


“Carolina Secular Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina

Sacramento’s 12th annual Freethought Day

“Sexy Secular” Conference in Akron, Ohio

Kentucky Freethought Convention

“Reason in the Rock” in Little Rock, Arkansas

10/26 Skeptic’s Congress in the Netherlands:

EPISODE 31 Show Notes:

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The Week in Doubt Podcast

Noah on the Imaginary Friends Show


New Rationale for Pedophilia:

Jews find more jew gold:

Majority of world’s holy water found to contain fecal matter:

Priest Can’t Perform Wedding With Visible Erection:

Anti Porn MP resigns after getting caught watching porn:

EPISODE 30 Show Notes:

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Noah interviewed on A Matter of Doubt: (Correct episode number this time)

Noah in panel discussion on CWebb’s Sunday School:

Herd Mentality Podcast’s Homepage:


Vatican withdraws Dominican ambassador quick before he has to face charges of child sex abuse:

4 Bangladeshi Bloggers indicted for being atheist bloggers:

Pat Robertson accused of fraud:

Tampa Islamic group wants kids released early once a week to pray:

Black Pastor apologized for insisting that only white people should greet parishioners:

New Alternative to Boy Scouts for queer-hatin’ rednecks:

Curse-carrying coconut arrested in the Maldives:

EPISODE 29 Show Notes:

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Be Secular

Mike’s Photography Site:

Noah interviewed on A Matter of Doubt:


Pope “updates” the law:

Christians try to tie Syrian conflict to biblical prophecy:

Orthodox Jews demand beard-friendly gasmasks:

Frothing idiot warns that lesbians will trick gay men into being subservient underclass:

Massachusetts court to hear challenge against pledge of allegiance:

Alabama republicans file for preemptive strike in the “war on prayer”:

Christians at South African Sex Expo “If Jesus was alive, he’d be here too”

EPISODE 28 Show Notes:

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Mike Dunlap Photography:


Pope criminalizes the reporting of sex crimes:

Measles outbreak at anti-vaccination church:

Atheist parolee sent back to prison for complaining about the religiosity of Narc Anon:

Christians go apeshit over Islam display in a local school:

Indonesian school proposes virginity test:

EPISODE 27 Show Notes:

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Fundamentalist preacher encourages HIV patients to forget medicine and try god instead:

Two men found not guilty for preaching at DMV line:

Fox News becomes gay:

Obama to use atheist military against Christians:

New Reality show to feature “Snake Handling Christians”:

Creationist argues dragons must have been real; they’re in the bible:

Al-Qaeda Thought to have developed “breast bombs”:

EPISODE 26 Show Notes:

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Autistic Jesus Facebook Page:



Obama administration files amicus brief supporting prayer at government meetings:

Family sails away from the gay, abortion loving US and gets lost.

Tennessee Judge renames baby during custody hearing:

Raelians work to take back the Swastika:

Kenyan lawyer works to overturn Jesus’ death sentence:

Man blows up family dog because it had devil in it:

People pray to “weeping tree”; tears turn out to be bug excrement:

EPISODE 25 Show Notes:

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Filthy Monkey Man: Mechy from the Autistic Jesus Facebook Page


Who is the Pope to judge gay people? (And the backlash “he didn’t mean it” stuff) &

Newly released documents show 1 priest molested over 100 boys in LA Archdiocese:

Barney Frank admits to being a godless pothead:

Crazy Person: Immigration Reform Bill is harbinger of the end times:

Failing to pray in school causes AIDS:

Four trillionth piece of Jesus cross “found” in Turkey:

EPISODE 24 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript

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North Carolina set to become 7th state to pass “Anti-Shariah” bill:

Alabama agency prays for forgiveness for abortion and gay marriage:

FFRF tries to stop Alabama school prayer caravan:

New Hampshire Mother banned from screaming about Jesus on school steps:

Rabbi arrested for multiple counts of impersonating a police officer:

Hawaiian pot-pastor seeks 1st Amendment protection for getting shit-faced:

EPISODE 23 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript

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Crafty Heathens Facebook Page:


Catholic Church fighting child abuse bill in California:

Louisiana Senator proposes bill to protect religious groups that receive federal funding:

Satanic church holds same-sex ceremony at Fred Phelps’ mom’s grave:

Kirk Cameron’s movie blocked on Facebook &

Pope offers indulgences for following him on Twitter:

Kosher lube opens orthodox jews to oral sex?


Great Lakes Atheist Convention:

15th European Skeptics’ Congress in Stockholm:

Atheist Alliance of America’s National Convention in Boston:

Skeptical Track at Dragon Con

EPISODE 22 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript

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Atheist Alliance of America Boston Convention Link:


Study shows that nonbelievers are as diverse in personality as any other group:

Ball State hires creationist professor

UN probes Vatican child abuse scandal

Senate may lift House of Worship ban on FEMA:

Idiots pissed about beer commercial not paying homage to god:


EPISODE 21 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript

Link to Episode



John Paul II (to be) declared a saint

New survey shows half of Americans think growth in irreligion is a “bad” thing:

Michigan high school bans pre-game prayers, Fox News gets panties in a wad over it:

Yoga declared non-religious, ok for California school:

Pastor “arrested” in UK for calling homosexuality a sin:

Pastor claims sexual abuse was intended to cure victim’s migraines:

EPISODE 20 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript


Supreme Court Decision on DOMA and bigoted reactions from churches: &

Catholic Priest: It’s okay for gay men to marry lesbians: & Catholic Priest Suggests that in the wake of DOMA they should drop the word “marriage”

Atheist Bench Unveiled in Starke, FL: &

Milwaukee Archdiocese releases sexual abuse files:

New Survey: 50% of Americans find atheists “threatening”:

Anglican Priest finds bracelet, tries to sell it to owners:

Christian Outreach focused on Strip Clubs and Porn Conventions:


TGIA Archive:

EPISODE 19 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript


Poll shows one third of Americans want a theocracy

Kentucky Creationism Museum unveils zip line attraction, complete w/ State reps:

Dubai plans Qu’ran based theme park:

City of Evansville, Indiana approved “30 Crosses” public art exhibit:

Christian group promotes spanking your wife:



The Amazing Meeting (TAM):

SSA East:

CFI Leadership Conference:

EPISODE 18 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript


Have You Hugged an Atheist Today? Facebook Page

Thank God I’m Atheist Website:

Thank God I’m Atheist on iTunes:

Thank God I’m Atheist on Facebook:


Warner Bros. pushing “Super-Jesus” at the pulpit

Pope Francis admits to “gay lobby” in the Vatican:

Lesbian expelled from Christian college for being a lesbian; charged tuition anyway:

Woman being denied citizenship for having non-religious morals

Quebec bans soccer-players wearing turbans; idiots outraged:

Rick Perry signs “Merry Christmas” bill; says “Freedom of religion isn’t freedom from religion.”

EPISODE 17 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript


Atheist Nomads Website:

Atheist Nomads on iTunes:


Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Atheists give satan a place to rest his cloven feet

Douche-bag valedictorian delivers prayer for speech:

House Armed Services Committee kills humanist chaplaincy bill:

Pastor seeks one million porn-free men:

Former Catholic student breaks into school to videotape herself masturbating with a crucifix

EPISODE 16 Show Notes:

 Partial Transcript


Could religious fundamentalism be treated as a mental illness?

Ark Park having trouble:

Baptists plan exodus from Boy Scouts:

Shifty payouts for religion by state of Ohio:

Oldest Vegas Catholic school to close permanently:

Man exorcised by Pope still possessed by demons

Mother offers daughter $1000 to stay a virgin:

Leviticus Song on You-Tube:

EPISODE 15 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript


Atheist Community raises money for Wolf Blitzer’s surprise Oklahoma atheist

And Proof that Wolf is really that stupid


Pope Decides Atheists Can Go to Heaven

Atheist Prayer Not Good Enough For Arizona Lawmaker:

Texas mounts preemptive strike in the War on Christmas

Chris Christie Wants to Funnel Millions in Taxpayer Dollars to Seminaries

Iowa deregulates home-schooling:

Church of England to Allow Women Bishops in 2015:

Madrid calls for exorcist reinforcements:

The Holy Babble Supplement:


Angry Atheist Website:

ReapSow Radio Website:

EPISODE 14 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript


Texas doubles down on Jesus-flavored sex ed &

Dispute about bibles in state-owned cabins in Georgia &

Saudi Arabia’s Top Cleric declares Twitter may cause damnation

Evangelical Malaysian Church embezzles $40 million to fund unpopular pop artist

Orthodox Jewish school bans “hipster glasses”:

Supreme Court to hear case of “non-denominational” prayers at town board meeting

Christian college requires girls to dress appropriately before exiting in case of fire


SkeptiCal Conference:

SSA West:

Oklahoma Freethought Convention:

The Amazing Meeting: TAM Homepage


C-Webb’s Sunday School:

EPISODE 13 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript


Texas Cheerleaders allowed to raise Biblical banner:

Student faces backlash after alerting FFRF to 10 Commandments displays in classrooms:

Pope names 800 new saints:

School in Arkansas cancels graduation because atheists won’t let them pray:

Controversial Cleric claims that women should not be stoned… should be lashed:

North Miami Mayoral Candidate claims endorsement from Jesus:

EPISODE 12 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript

Pentagon warns Christian soldiers that proselytization will be met with court martial: & &

Track Team disqualified for making “Religious Gesture” (Officially for “excessive celebration”):

3 resign from NJ church in pedophile priest scandal:

Turkish Head of Education Dept. says Atheism is a Form of Autism: &

Priest who heads top clergy treatment center resigns amid allegations of impropriety:


Imagine No Religion 3:

Women in Secularism Conference:

American Humanist Association’s Annual Meeting:

British Humanist Association’s Annual Meeting:


Link to Bar Room Atheists on iTunes

EPISODE 11 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript

Diatribe: Proof–

Guardian Atheist Page


AHA files lawsuit over bullshit Christian Sermon in Mississippi school:

Judge defends Church aide’s trial and conviction for child rape conspiracy:

Kentucky woman ordained a priest despite Roman Catholic Church’s objections:

Mormon’s say that Boy Scouts are still just bigoted enough: But many Christian groups say “Not so fast”:

Catholic Hierarchy had “unacceptable delay” in dealing with serial child-rapist: Actual report: 

Benny Hinn is a cruel, heartless fuck:


More from Darrel Ray:

Farnsworth Quote:

By the hilarious Jake Farr-Wharton from the Imaginary Friends Show (dot com) Podcast:

EPISODE 10 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript


Pope supports crackdown on US nuns:

SSPX faults Pope for reforms:

Putin set to sign blasphemy law:

New Zealander fired for being an atheist:

Bombs mixed in with vibrators:

Group sues church for taking pro-gay stance:

Miracle “confirmed” in Colorado Springs:

Author dubs Oprah “the most dangerous woman on the earth”:

Heath and I get duped into thinking this is a real new story:


MAY 3rd: Orange Country Freethought Alliance Conference in Anaheim, CA:

MAY 5th: Interview an Atheist at Church Day:

MAY 9th: 22nd Skeptics Congress in Cologne, Germany:

MAY 17th Women in Secularism Conference in Washington DC:

MAY 17th-19th Imagine No Religion 3 in Kamloops, British Columbia:

EPISODE 9 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript


California pushes bill to end State tax exemptions for Boy Scouts because of anti-gay, anti-atheist policies:

–          From a real news source:

–          From Xian Newswire:

Pope names 8 advisors to think about talking about thinking about reform:

Clash with religious authorities at the Western Wall because women are wearing the “man shawls”

NY nun admits to stealing $130,000 from churches to pay for her gambling addiction:

Rep. Joe Barton cites the great flood as evidence that global warming is not man made:

Bryan Fischer discovers our homofascist plot to make Christians wear badges like ghetto Jews:


 April 25th, stand with the atheist bloggers in Myanmar:

 Atheist Bloggers Being Arrested:

Atheist Bloggers Being Killed:

More on the Story:


 Wit and Zaniness:

EPISODE 8 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript


LEAD STORY: The North Carolina State Religion: Follow Up :

Louisiana state rep proposes a prayer-in-school law:

Follow Up: School in Jackson Ohio agrees to remove Jesus painting:

Studies show that 13% of Americans think Obama is the anti-Christ:

Stephen Hawking Solves Bible Creation Mystery Proving the Bible Accurate (I shit you not, that’s what the headline says):

Foundation Beyond Belief Announces its 2nd quarter beneficiaries.


Skepticamp, Essex County, Ma

South Dakota Conference of Reason

Facebook Page for conference:

Skepticamp, Denver, Co

Skepticamp, Atlanta, Ga

Brisbane Atheist Pirate Party

Links to George Hrab’s groovy stuff

EPISODE 7 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript

Pennsylvania representative proposes law that would force atheist students to sue publicly:

Boston College stops students from handing out condoms:

Anti-gay web resource for Mormon homophobes:

Study warns that children who are “too religious” may be crazy:

Atheist shoe company accuses US Post Office of discrimination:

Creationist offers $10,000 to anyone who can scientifically “disprove” creationism:

Saudi authorities lift ban on women in bikes:


Reasonfest 3:

Secular Summit:

Why Tolerate Religion?

CFI Leadership Conference:

Ask an Atheist Day:

Interview Links: An American Atheist Blog:

EPISODE 6 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript


Study finds correlation between religiosity and sucking: &

Puerto Rican officer demoted for being an atheist:

Baptist Leaders calling for civil disobedience:

Mississippi law allows student led prayer in school:–Mississippi-gov-signs-bill-for-student-led-school-prayer-?instance=lead_story_left_column

Man sues over exorcism/ass kicking:

Activists paint rainbow house across from Westboro Baptist Church:



Northwest Freethought Conference

Skep Tech:

Interview Links:

Reasonable Doubts Blog:

Reasonable Doubts You-Tube Channel:

EPISODE 5 Show Notes:

Partial Transcript


Indiana Mega Church Faces Foreclosure:

Colorado Appeals Court upholds law that would divert tax-payer money to religious schools:

Christians-only health care in Kentucky &

Kentucky bill allows discrimination as long as it’s God’s fault:

Vatican accused of wire-tapping cardinals:

Archbishop of Scotland admits to sexual misconduct and steps down:

Study shows religion in prison might just exacerbate the inmate’s problems:

American Atheist’s latest billboard campaign


American Atheists 50th Anniversary Convention:

Additional Resources:

Hemant Mehta’s Friendly Atheist Blog:

Post Rapture Looting Homepage:

Reasonable Doubts Homepage:

EPISODE 4: Show Notes:

Partial Transcript


HR 592 to give federal disaster relief to houses of worship:

De Vries Op-Ed On Why FEMA should give money to churches:

Baptist Group fires investigative firm looking into sex-abuse allegations:

GRACE’s response:

It turns out there is a limit to Tim Tebow’s stupidity:

Oklahoma Creationism Bill:

A horrible bitch sues NYC’s Department of Education for making her vaccinate her kid:

Fight Over Jesus Picture in Jackson, Ohio:


Brisbane Rationalists:

Central Victorian Atheists:

Humanist Society of South Australia:

Reclaiming a Secular Australia Tour:


Eli’s Twitter:

EPISODE 3: Show Notes:

Partial Transcript


Religious school fires teachers who refuse to offer “proof of faith”

“The Alabama Religious Freedom Amendment” :

Mississippi’s pray whenever the hell you want to law:

Arkansas’ guns in church law:

Archbishop compares vitriol against Catholic Church to “Pogrom”

Atheist Church in London:


Chicago Skepticamp:

Freethought Festival 2:

NAPCON: Facebook Page

The Skeptics of Oz: Facebook Page

EPISODE 2: Show Notes:

Link to Full Transcript (with Links for additional reading)


Global Numbers:

National Numbers:


Missouri’s creationism bill:

Arizona’s “so help me god” bill:

Archdiocese of Milwaukee seeking Bankruptcy protection:

Los Angeles diocese covers up molestation:

Monsignor Meth:

Nechemya Weberman’s conviction:

North Carolina judge’s excessive sentencing:

Illinois’ 11 story cross:

Condoms in the Phillipines:

Are you losing your religious freedoms?

Atheist Census


Surfcoast Summer Skepticamp:

Skepticamp Ottawa:


22nd Skeptics Congress in Cologne

Imagine No Religion 3:

British Humanists Association Annual Convention in Leeds:

EPISODE 1: Show Notes

On January 3rd, the 113th US Congress was sworn in.  This historically diverse congress saw a number of firsts, including the first Buddhist Senator, the first Hindu Senator, and, of course, Arizona’s Democratic Representative Kyrsten Sinema, the only member of either chamber of congress to list their religious affiliation as “none”.

But if you were thinking of elevating Representative Sinema to a revered position in the atheist movement, not so fast; even as the atheists were sweeping away the shards of broken ceiling, Sinema’s office was responding to descriptions of her religious affiliation with an impossibly condescending statement that read, in part, that she, “believes the terms non-theist, atheist or non-believer are not befitting of her life’s work or personal character.”

But I’d take a thousand shamed faced house-atheists over one Indiana State Senator Dennis Kruse.  As the Republican chair of the State Senate Education Committee, he’s filed a bill that would allow school districts to REQUIRE the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer at the beginning of each school day (and I quote) “in order that each student recognize the importance of spiritual development in establishing character and becoming a good citizen.”

Now, I know that the language seems to imply that atheists have no character and aren’t good citizens, but before you brand Senator Kruse a small minded bigot, I should mention that the bill does allow individual students to opt out of the prayer for the small price of getting beaten up and ostracized by zealous Christian classmates… Okay, now brand him a small minded bigot.

His fellow state senators haven’t gone that far, however they’re already backing away from the bill, citing the fact that it is all but dripping with unconstitutionality.  But before we disregard this as a doomed piece of legislation, it’s important to note that a similar law already exists in Florida, though as of this recording, no school has chosen to mandate the prayer.  My guess is that’s because none of Florida’s public schools has a big pile of money in their legal budget that they’re eager to burn through.

It’s also worth noting that this is only the latest in a series of controversial and wrong-headed moves by Kruse.  In his tenure as a State Senator he’s also sponsored a series of bills aimed at allowing creationism back into Indiana’s schools, so I’m quite certain that we’ll be hearing more about State Senator Kruse and his crusade against the enlightenment in the future.

In other despicable bastard news, chronic homophobe Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality (or AFTAH), has released a call to action which offers a succinct 20 point plan on how best to deny homosexuals equal rights in the new year.  AFTAH is classified by the Southern Poverty Law Center as an anti-gay hate group, but just to make sure they don’t fall off the list anytime soon, they’ve offered a recent press release that encourages fellow Christians to, among other things:

  • Pledge that they will NEVER say or do anything that affirms homosexual, bisexual or gender-confused behavior as acceptable.
  • And finally that Christians stop relying on FOX News to defend the Truth on homosexuality (a point that is followed by a curious accusation that “Bill O’Reilly has pretty much switched sides” which could mean all kinds of things I’m not willing to say directly).
  • Reject what they call the “gay activists’ propaganda” that would have you believe that summarily denying the equality of a group based on the prejudices of bronze age morality qualifies as “hate” or “bigotry”.

To get the full list of Mr. LaBarbera’s bullet points, check out his website or just go to any dirt floor redneck bar in Vinegar Bend, Alabama and mention gay marriage.

In international news, The Roman Catholic Church of Germany has fired the lead investigator in an inquiry they began into their end of the child rape and torture pandemic.  Chief Investigator Christian Pfeiffer was nixed because, as Matthias Kopp, spokesperson of the Catholic Bishop’s Conference told Euronews “the mutual trust is totally broken.”

If the notion that a prerequisite to a good investigation is a mutual trust between the investigator and the child rapists he’s investigating strikes you as insane, that’s because it is.  Pfeiffer accuses the church of trying to censure the report’s findings, noting that even a few months into his investigation the church was trying to take too much control and at one point even demanded pre-publication approval of his findings, a stipulation to which neither Pfeiffer nor any ethical investigator would submit.

Munich’s vicar general Peter Barr brushed aside accusations that the church was censoring the investigation’s findings and stressed their unrelenting desire to continue their investigation into past abuse.  Adding, “Pfft… no, seriously”.

The skeptic in me can’t help but point out, of course, that promising to “investigate” is a long way from promising to release the findings of said investigations, which brings us to a related domestic story:

A California judge is weighing whether to overturn a previous order that would allow the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles to black out the names of church higher-ups when it releases thousands of pages of personnel files on priests accused of child molestation.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on the un-redacted portions of this story and will report whatever portion of the truth the Archdiocese decides to let the world know on a future episode.

In other Vatican news, the Pope’s weekly prayer was interrupted last week by a group of topless protestors.  Four women from a Ukrainian women’s rights organization stripped off their shirts during the prayer to reveal messages like “Shut Up” and “In Gay we Trust” written across their backs and chests.  The protest was meant to call attention to some of Pope Ratzy’s most recent gay-bashing and misogyny, such as recent statements suggesting that Same Sex marriage puts the entire human species at risk.

A new report by the International Humanist and Ethical Union (the IHEU) shines a light on worldwide persecution of atheists and nonbelievers.  The first-of-its kind study is titled “Freedom of Thought 2012: A Global Report on Discrimination Against Humanists, Atheists and the Non-Religious”. It cites laws from Algeria to Zambia that deny atheists’ right to exist, curtail their freedoms, revoke their right to citizenship, restrict their right to marry, obstruct their access to public education, prohibit them from holding public office, prevent them from working for the state, criminalize their criticism of religion, and execute them for leaving the religion of their parents.

The report should serve as a call to action for the world politic but more specifically for the atheist community in relatively tolerant nations like the US.  While we no doubt face discrimination against our lack of superstition we should never lose sight of the dire consequences that some atheists face in expressing their beliefs across the globe.

Among the cases cited in the report are those of:

  • Albert Saber of Egypt, who is currently serving a 3 year prison sentence for starting an Atheist Page on Facebook,
  • Alexander Aan, an Indonesian man who was brutally beaten and then sentenced to 2 and a half years in prison for criticizing Islam on Facebook,
  • Phillipos Loizos of Greece who was arrested over a Flying Spaghetti Monster related photoshop that was deemed insulting to a popular local Monk,
  • Noted Indian skeptic Sanal Edamarku who was charged with insulting Catholics by pointing out that a “miraculous weeping statue” was being aided by a leaking pipe, and is currently an international refugee because of it,
  • And Jabeur Mejri of Tunisia who is currently serving a seven year prison sentence for posting Muhammad cartoons on Facebook.

And finally, the American Atheists Organization has announced a scholarship for Atheist Activism.  American Atheists will be awarding scholarships to 3 students who demonstrate atheist activism in their communities and schools.

The “Founders’ Scholarships” grant a first-place award of $2,000 and a runner-up award of $1,000 to atheist students, in addition to a $1,000 scholarship for LGBT atheist activism.

For details on how to apply, check out atheist (dot) org or check the show notes on this episode for a handy link.

Louis Giglio was tapped and then scrapped for Obama’s inauguration.  For more information on why the change of heart, check the following link:

And of course, if you want to verify that the Christian Answers (dot) net thing was as stupid as we were making it out to be, you can verify that here:

And for more info on the conferences mentioned in the Calendar section, you can get more info here:

North Texas Secular Convention:

Reason Rally 2013:


Free Thought Alliance Conference:

Women in Secularism Conference:

American Humanist Association Conference:

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