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Episode 140 – Show Notes

October 22, 2015 3 comments

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FreeFlo; Orlando, FL – Nov 6th to 8th:

Skepticon; Springfield, MO – Nov 13th to 15th:

Hungarian Skeptics Conference – Nov 14th:

Piedmont Humanists Feast of the Spaghetti Monster; Greenville, SC – Nov 14th

NZ Skeptics Conference; Christchurch, NZ – Nov 20th to 22nd:

Atheists of Facebook online convention:


Check out Mr. Angry Beard’s blog here.


Researchers report magnetic brain stimulation can reduce religiosity:

Huckabee casually endorses biblical slavery:

Emboldened Texas PD putting actual bible verses on vehicles:

Religion is mad about Justice Department’s plan to prosecute hate groups:

DC Church leader claims bike lane infringes on religious freedom:

WBC v. Big Kim:

Irish kid’s book makes Virgin Mary sound even more like a rape victim:

Public school football coach doesn’t fucking get it:

P-Robes makes it too easy:

Caller asks P-Robes why he needs a doctor if he has faith:

P-Robes warns against gay relatives bringing “friends” to Thanksgiving:

MS Public school teacher being a dick to atheist students:

Bakker: Satanic temples are hidden in Planned Parenthood clinics:


Diana West: Feminism leads to gangrape:

Crazy Bitch: Multiple sex partners is basically the same as rape:

Emasculation of our country leading to women in the military: