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Episode 136 – Shownotes

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Calendar Links:

Carolinas Secular Conference, October 2nd to 4th: http://www.carolinassecularassociation.org/

Washington Area Secular Humanist Regional Conference in Lynchburg, October 2nd to 4th: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/washington-area-secular-humanists-regional-conference-tickets-17471141655?ref=ebapi

FFRF’s 38th Annual National Convention in Madison, October 9th and 10th: http://ffrf.org/outreach/convention/2015-national-convention-madison-wis

October 13th, debate UCSD featuring Matt Dillahunty http://www.eventbrite.com/e/does-god-exist-the-debate-tickets-18590850735

Atheist Alliance of America National Convention in Atlanta, October 15th-18th: http://atheistallianceamerica.org/conference/2015-overview/

Headline Links:

Using tax dollars on upcoming papal visit: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2015/09/19/government-officials-shouldnt-be-using-taxpayer-money-to-finance-the-popes-upcoming-visit/ and/or New report suggests Vatican is still playing three pedophile monte: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/priests-accused-of-sexual-abuse-south-america_55fc289ce4b08820d9184d73?utm_hp_ref=religion and Bishop blames child sex abuse victims as accomplices: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/progressivesecularhumanist/2015/09/catholic-bishop-blames-victims-of-child-molesting-priests/

Satanists put a stop to FL invocations: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/progressivesecularhumanist/2015/09/satanists-force-florida-town-to-give-up-religious-invocations/

Mom court ordered to attend religious parenting classes: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/progressivesecularhumanist/2015/09/atheist-mom-forced-into-court-ordered-christian-counseling/

OK teacher orders 4-year-old to stop being left-handed because it’s evil: http://www.rawstory.com/2015/09/oklahoma-teacher-orders-evil-4-year-old-to-become-righty-devil-is-often-portrayed-as-left-handed/

Ben Carson says Muslims unfit to be president: http://www.religionnews.com/2015/09/20/ben-carson-muslims-unfit-to-be-us-president/

Jim Bakker: “Stockpile food or your neighbors will eat babies” http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2015/09/16/televangelist-jim-bakker-buy-my-food-before-your-neighbors-eat-their-babies/

Kim Davis continues to be a horrible bitch: http://www.religionnews.com/2015/09/19/kim-davis-altered-marriage-licenses-raise-legal-questions/ also http://www.rawstory.com/2015/09/kim-davis-doesnt-get-why-gays-want-marriage-license-i-dont-think-dignity-is-guaranteed-in-the-constitution/

Christian fired for recommending Audacity to lesbian co-workers: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/friendlyatheist/2015/09/18/christian-factory-worker-fired-after-pushing-anti-gay-movie-on-colleagues/

Christians freak the fuck out over gay doritos: http://www.patheos.com/blogs/progressivesecularhumanist/2015/09/rainbow-doritos-cause-christians-to-panic/

  1. Rosalie Brown
    October 1, 2015 at 8:03 AM

    Love your show! Want to make a comment. Rowling’s name is pronounced as if it rhymes with bowling. This is according to Stephen Fry who narrated the book in the UK. This question was posed on his program QI which was televised, but I cannot remember which show it was. Fuck! I’m 67 and I didn’t know it would come up. [Registered, ‘Liked’ your show, but couldn’t get the ‘comment’ section to take my comment. . . so I left my comment as a reply. Best I could do.]

  2. October 1, 2015 at 8:20 AM

    Good show, just one comment, why stop at Revelation? Is the canonical bible of mainstream protestants somehow more legitimate than deuterocanonical books of say Catholics which includes various Apocryphal books? And what about that crazy Mormon bible?

    Google “early Christian writings” or visit http://www.earlychristianwritings.com for more really fun texts – take this excerpt from the Ahkrim fragment (The Apocalypse of Peter):

    “21 And I saw also another place over against that one, very squalid; and it was a place of punishment, and they that were punished and the angels that punished them had their raiment dark, according to the air of the place. 22 And some there were there hanging by their tongues; and these were they that blasphemed the way of righteousness, and under them was laid fire flaming and tormenting them.

    23 And there was a great lake full of flaming mire, wherein were certain men that turned away from righteousness; and angels, tormentors, were set over them.

    24 And there were also others, women, hanged by their hair above that mire which boiled up; and these were they that adorned themselves for adultery.

    And the men that were joined with them in the defilement of adultery were hanging by their feet, and had their heads hidden in the mire, and said: We believed not that we should come unto this place.

    25 And I saw the murderers and them that were consenting to them cast into a strait place full of evil, creeping things, and smitten by those beasts, and so turning themselves about in that torment. And upon them were set worms like clouds of darkness. And the souls of them that were murdered stood and looked upon the torment of those murderers and said: O God, righteous is thy judgement.

    26 And hard by that place I saw another strait place wherein the discharge and the stench of them that were in torment ran down, and there was as it were a lake there. And there sat women up to their necks in that liquor, and over against them many children which were born out of due time sat crying: and from them went forth rays of fire and smote the women in the eyes: and these were they that conceived out of wedlock (?) and caused abortion.

    27 And other men and women were being burned up to their middle and cast down in a dark place and scourged by evil spirits, and having their entrails devoured by worms that rested not. And these were they that had persecuted the righteous and delivered them up.

    28 And near to them again were women and men gnawing their lips and in torment, and having iron heated in the fire set against their eyes. And these were they that did blaspheme and speak evil of the way of righteousness.”

    Such precious verses, is it even blasphemy worthy?

    Just saying don’t jump into the whole Koran thing (You should download one of the English versions of the Koran if you do, please don’t start reading in tongues :)) if you haven’t dipped your forefinger in the more obscure Christian texts – I mean, the extended version of Daniel even talks about Dragons – I kid you not.

    Happy Blasphemy Day (okay belated)

    Keep well.

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