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Episode 130 – Show Notes

August 13, 2015 Leave a comment

The Important Stuff:

Check out the AHA’s call to action to pressure Bangladesh to do more to protect nonbelievers.  PLEASE CLICK HERE.

The Usual Stuff:

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The Headline Stuff:

Yet another Bangladeshi blogger hacked to death: and cops tell them they deserve it

Gohmert: Gay islanders would die off, so gayness is wrong:

P-Robes encourages grandma to kidnap kid from atheist parents and send them to Christian school:

Texas judge orders man to marry his girlfriend and write bible verses:

Florida Pastor: National debt will drop to zero when planned parenthood is defunded:

Huckabee DNA schedule:

Florida sheriff invokes Wiccan ritual killing to explain murders:

Anti-gay Christian lawmakers planned male prostitute hoax to cover up their own affair:

Backlash to released photo of Joseph Smith’s magic rock:

Bry-Fi: “Going to a gay wedding is like going to the grand opening of a crack house”

The Misogynistic Stuff:

Christian college wants to know if rape victim is a slut

Test of purity for rape victim in India involves balancing rock on her head:

Dubai man stops lifeguards from saving his daughter so she won’t be touched by a strange man