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The T-Shirt Conundrum

May 31, 2013 4 comments

by Noah Lugeons

As I mentioned at the end of this week’s show, we’re going to be commissioning the design of three “Scathing Atheist” T-shirts in the near future.  We’ve been getting a lot of requests for merch and people are giving us money anyway, so we figured we might as well have something to give them in return.

Our idea on the shirts was for the back to simply say “Proud Sponsor of ” and then have the Scathing Atheist logo beneath it.  The front of each shirt would be an advertisement for one of our many fine sponsors.

We’re trying to get as much input as possible before we invest any cash in it, so we’re asking our listeners to let us know which sponsor they’d most like to see on a shirt.  We’re taking suggestions from Twitter (@Noah_Lugeons), on Facebook (/ScathingAtheist) via email (noahlugeons(at) or here on the blog in the comments section.  Feel free to choose as many as you’d like when you tell us your preference (even if the stupid FB poll only lets you select one).

And to save you the trouble of double checking all the show transcripts, we’ve compiled all the eligible sponsors here:

  1. Jesus Pieces (Chocolate Covered Eucharist)
  2. 5 Hour Piety (Pious Energy Drink)
  3. Papalbee’s Neighborhood Restaurant
  4. Ameri-Quran-Line (Muslim Internet Provider)
  5. Tequila Savior (Anti-Semetic Liquor)
  6. Jeru-Salem Cigarettes
  7. Mormon Hammer (LDS Baking Soda)
  8. Let There Be Light Bulbs
  9. Penta-Douche (Biblical Feminine Hygiene Product)
  10. Homo-Momo.Com (Gay Mormon Dating Service)
  11. Jew P.S. (Jewish Delivery Service)
  12. Orthodoxy-Contin (Holy Book Analgesic)
  13. Celiba-Cyalis (Anti-Viagral Formula)

It’ll probably be a few weeks before we lock any of this down, so feel free to vote early, vote often and share.  Ask your atheist friends who don’t listen to the show.  Which of these T-shirts could they most see themselves in?  Ask your religious friends which one would most offend them.  We’re looking for all the data we can muster.

And we thank you for your help.