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Contenders for the Next Stupid Fucking Pope

March 3, 2013 1 comment

by Noah Lugeons

One of the many bonuses of writing this blog is that the analytics that WordPress provides shows me what types of things people are searching for to wind up here.  It’s obviously designed to help bloggers track what topics people are searching most, but it also provides an occasional humorous aside when I drop in to check the number of views.

For example, often times people arrive here after googling terms that make it pretty clear that they’re big fans of this Jesus fellow.  I love the idea of somebody googling “reasons to love Jesus” and accidentally landing on the Scathing Atheist blog before turning back in repulsed horror.  I published a fictitious account of a conversation between God and his older brother Mikey and it constantly gets views that are clearly not from people looking for God parody.

I’ve had a few funny ones now and again, but I don’t think any of them matched up to my new favorite.  It came in yesterday.  Somebody apparently found this blog by googling “Contenders for the next stupid fucking pope”.

First of all, I’m amused that anybody just types shit like that into the google searchbar, but more than that, I’m flattered that google’s algorithms determined that our blog was the right place for such a person.  And now that I’ve titled a blog after it, I can guarantee that anyone who ever googles “Contenders for the next stupid fucking pope” will find us quickly.

Now, if you’re enjoying the podcast and the blog and wanted to give a little something back, this affords you a great opportunity to do exactly that. My birthday is coming up this Tuesday. I would consider it quite a gift if somebody was inspired to take the time to concoct the most fucked up possible google search that would still suggest the Scathing Atheist.

No need to send me your favorite or anything. Just think of something crazy to google and if Scathing Atheist comes up, click on it. I’ll see it on the analytics when I check in on Tuesday. And of course, if we get any contenders worth sharing, I’ll share them.