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Episode 116 Show Notes

May 7, 2015 3 comments

(Apologies for the lack of shownotes for the last couple of episodes.  Will eventually rectify)

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Guest Links:

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Calendar Links:

CFI UK – Searching for Satan: Miscarriages of memory, fractured families and Satanic panics; London June 6th:

SkeptiCal ‘15 in Oakland, CA June 6th:

Reason for Change: Buffalo, NY June 11-15:

“FreeOK: Oklahoma Freethought and Humanism”: Tulsa, OK June 20th:

TAM13 Las Vegas, NV July 16th-19th:

Headline Links:

Two gunmen killed outside Mohammed cartoon exhibit:

Christian lady sues all the gays:

Pope to canonize genocidal missionary?

Christian video game developer releases “Kill the Faggot”:

Church leaders kick Tai Chi class out for threatening members’ “spiritual wellbeing”

Iran’s Barbers’ Union forbids “satanic” hair cuts:

Israelis pissed about potential Sabbath Day buses:

Freemason secret police squad gets busted:

Complaints issued about really long church bell:

Pat Robertson: “Sodomy, Abortion, and people making fun of me will doom America”

Pastor: “Gay marriage means there’ll be nobody left making kids for you to adopt!”

Chlamydia outbreak in TX school with no sex-ed:

This Week in Misogyny Links:

High School Poster: “Boys, remember to protect her chastity on prom night”

Catholic Presentation: “Premarital sex will ruin your body”

GOP representative says dead babies gotta get delivered: