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Join Noah Live on Atheists on Air Tonight!

by Noah Lugeons

In the year and 3 days that we’ve been doing this, I’ve done a number of guest spots on other podcasts.  I’ve been interviewed solo, I’ve been interviewed with Heath, I’ve been a panelist, I’ve been a contestant, but tonight I’ll be trying something I haven’t done before; I’ll be appearing on a live call-in show.

First, the show.  It’s called Atheists on Air and I first became aware of it when Cecil from Cognitive Dissonance tossed out a plug for the show a few episodes back.  He’s got pretty discriminating taste in podcasts so I dutifully checked it out and I was impressed.  It’s well thought out, the hosts are engaging, witty and stellar examples of secularism in action.  The show is well edited (and not over-edited) and takes your time seriously.  They do mammoth shows once a week and smaller shows daily so they’re certainly not slacking on the grunt work.

I got a request to appear on the show a few days back and it was one of the funniest and most clever pieces of email I’ve ever received.  Even if I hadn’t heard the show, I think I’d have agreed to the appearance based solely on the strength of the invitation.

The episode will be available in archive soon, but if you’d like to get it fresh off the presses (or if you’d like to call in with a question or comment), you’ll find all the requisite information here.  Tonight’s topic is circumcision, which I’ve found to be a surprisingly  polemical issue within the secular community, so it should make for a great conversation.

We’re starting at 7 but if you miss the start, don’t hesitate to make a rockstar entrance and join us later.  I believe we’ll be recording until 10 so we should have plenty of time to get to everyone’s questions.


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