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Diatribes, Volume One

March 22, 2014 6 comments

by Noah Lugeons

I swear I spent almost as much time formatting and reformatting this thing as I spent compiling it, but it’s finally 100% done.  By this time next week our first publication should be available on all major ebook retailers.  It’s already available on the Kindle Store or, if you’re not a Kindle person (or just want to see me get a slightly larger chunk of your money) you can buy it on SmashWords in basically any format you might want.

Even if you don’t own an e-reader or tablet and have an aversion to reading stuff on your phone, you can pick it up as a PDF and read it on your computer.  So basically, if you’re reading this blog, you can be a proud owner of “Diatribes, Volume One: 50 Essays From a Godless Misanthrope”.


Book Cover Diatribes Vol1


I know that some people will be thinking “why would I buy a book of the diatribes that I can get for free on your archives?  Or transcripts?”  And that’s a great question.  I took care to make sure that even our most loyal listeners would get plenty of new material in this book.  More than a third of the book is never before seen (or heard) material including expanded diatribes, a brief explanation of what inspired each essay, an all new preface and afterword, essays on common themes from our diatribes and more*

If you’d like a sample of what you’ll get, click on either of the links above and you can sample the first 20% of the book online (no downloading required).  And, of course, if you’d like to help boost our visibility, we encourage you to take a few minutes and leave a review on Amazon.  Even if you haven’t read the book, you’ve heard the diatribes, so you already know it’s five stars worth of good.

*Table of contents, copyright page and dedication… but the Table of Contents is all interactive and shit so that counts as new material.