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Episode 141 – Shownotes

October 29, 2015 2 comments

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Vatican Summit Wrap up?

Duggar homeschooling group sued for sexually abusing minors:

Canadian Judge rules J-Dub couple can’t push their religion on their grandchild:

Yet another pretend “he got in trouble for thanking Jesus” story:

Pastor sells “Holy Pens” that make students pass exams:

Tony Perkins warns Trans people will got to jail on purpose for free surgery:

Daughter gives dad “certificate of purity” on her wedding day:

Christian website claims Obama administration now makes girls shower with boys:


P-Robes: Husband should make financial decisions because he has the penis:

TN Pastor: Jail women for abortions, since we’d do it if they killed bald eagles:

Biblical Gender Roles Site: Don’t look your wife in the eye when you rape her: