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Episode 155 Show Notes

February 4, 2016 1 comment

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Pastor Manning’s church is up for auction over $1,000,000 in unpaid debts:

And an LGBT group is trying to buy it:

And Manning says it won’t happen until we see gay dudes birthing ass-babies:

Italian museum covered up nude statues when Iranian president visited:

Man testifies that abortion must be restricted “to protect white culture”

and possibly Pastor: Anti-gay discrimination should be legal because a gay person shot my classmate once:

TX Principle: “God was at work” during CO leak:

Christian Activists: It’s better if your kids are addicted to drugs than gay:

AZ rep hold prayer rally to magically counterbalance Satanic invocation:

Phil Robertson calls for genocide against gay marriage supporters at Cruz rally:

Obama to visit mosque: Herman Cain explains it’s so he can get “kissy kissy” with the Muslim brotherhood:


Marc Driscoll has a new church coming:

Make rape legal group plans anti-woman demonstration in 47 countries:

Seasonal Marriage laws raise concerns of sex trafficking

Israel approves “mixed gender” area at the Western Wall:

Australian lawmakers can now breastfeed in parliament:

Show Notes – Episode 90

November 6, 2014 Leave a comment

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Skepticon 7:

In the Netherlands, November 8th:

In Portugal, November 15th:

In Hungary, November 15th:

Australian Skeptics National Convention, November 28th-30th:

New Zealand Skeptics Conference, Dec 5th-7th:

November 8th is “Carl Sagan” Day


Humanism declared religion by federal court:

Follow Up: UC Berkeley does the right thing: <<AND>>

Follow up: Houston Mayor kowtows to Christian pressure over subpoenas:

Phil Robertson promises to pee standing up for anti-gay rights:

Raelians DNA test communion wafer; find no Jesus:

Michigan State hosts creationist conference: <<AND>>

Albuquerque church hands out ballot with the right names highlighted:

Jailed Pastafarian sues Nebraska DoC so he can dress like a pirate:

Americans seriously over/underestimate the number of each religion’s adherents:

Olfactory artist makes Virgin Mary ice sculpture out of vaginal sweat:


AZ School board votes to tear abortion related pages out of biology textbook:

Republican Radio Host: “War on women” is a big lie!

Alex Jones: Beware the bands of roving black people: