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Vulgarity for Charity 2018 Raises Over $120,000

V4C Total Pic

Our 3rd installment of Vulgarity for Charity ended at midnight on Wednesday, and the final total was more than double our goal. Thanks to an extraordinarily generous match of the first $50,000 raised; and an amazing $72,416 coming in from our listeners in just a couple of weeks, we’ve made this one of the most successful months in Modest Needs’ history.

We’d like to offer a huge thanks to everybody who made this possible. First and foremost, of course, all the donors who gave so generously. Also all the guests who agreed to help us with all the roasts. You can find the first few installments of the roasts at the links below, but there are still plenty more to come.

Part One (starts at 34:17)

Part Two (starts at 43:17)

Part Three (start at 24:57)

Part Four (start at 48:42)

(check back for updates)

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