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Shall I Plug Your Shit?

by Noah Lugeons

I suppose that if you listen to the show, you may have already figured this out, but since I haven’t gotten any unsolicited clips, I thought I’d make it official.

If you have a blog, a podcast, a website, a project, a facebook page, a whatever and you think it would be of general interest to the Scathing Atheist listeners, I’d be happy to throw you a plug.  There are two ways to get there, of course.  The first is to send me an email or whatever where you tell me what your thing is and why you think our listeners would be interested in it and then you have to wait for me to get around to checking it out and then remembering to mention it on the show.  And I’ll probably get around to it eventually, but it might take a minute.

The second method is far easier and it doesn’t rely on me remembering anything.  In fact, it relies on the far more likely proposition of me forgetting something.  So if you’d like to plug your podcast or blog or whatever on the Scathing Atheist, here’s my recommendation. Send me a clip of you saying:

I’m (you) from (your thing) and we did, in fact, evolve from filthy monkey men.

Eventually (and sooner than later) ]I’ll find myself in a position where I don’t have a ready Farnsworth clip on hand, and when I do, you’re gonna wind up getting the nod.  I’m always scrambling to get somebody who promised to send me one weeks ago to make good with it or something and sometimes I come down to the wire without one for the show.  Having a few extra clips on hand will always come in handy.

And if you’ve listened to the show, you’ve probably noticed that not everyone recites the line verbatim.  Paraphrasing is not only allowed, it’s encouraged.  The clip can’t be more than 5 or 6 seconds long, but that’s more than enough time to toss out a plug and make it fun and memorable.

And honestly, even if you don’t have anything to plug and you just want to hear your voice on our show, feel free to send a clip and just say, “I’m (you) from (wherever you’re from) and we did, in fact, evolve from filthy monkey men”.  Or just give it your best Farnsworth and see what happens.  I may not use it right away but at the very least you’ll have an honored spot in my personal collection.

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