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A Review on a Review

by Noah Lugeons

It’s funny how the bad reviews stick with you so much more than the good ones. I’ve really been overwhelmed by how much feedback we’ve gotten on our young podcast.  It would appear that after only 2 episodes we’ve already found something of an audience.

On the whole, the feedback has been very positive and I thank everyone who’s taken the time to offer advice, corrections and (best of all) flattering praise. But like I said, the negative tends to stick with you a bit more than the positive.

With that, I turn to a review on Podcast Mouth, which I won’t be linking to for reasons that will be clear by the end of this post.  Let me clear, though, the reason I’m not linking to it has nothing to do with the fact that it was a scathingly negative review (and it really was).  The reviewer actually said I sound like a “more smug and more scripted Dennis Miller”, which I can’t imagine taking as a compliment.

But the chief concerns he brought up were with the sound quality of the show, specifically with the interview portion of the program. And I really can’t take issue with any of the complaints he had. As the show’s producer (as well as it’s writer and host), I’m very aware that the sound quality is not where it should be.

And the kind of negative criticism that really hurts is the kind that’s true. I dug around on his site a bit afterward. To be honest I was hoping to find that he hated everything or thrashed a podcast I really liked, but much to my dismay it turned out that he was actually a very witty and impartial critic. He was clearly just getting started, as there were only a handful of reviews on his site, but they were all measured, intelligent and comprehensive.

So I left a response to his review saying fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou where I thanked him for writing a thorough and thoughtful (and dare I say quite clever) review and I humbly agreed with what he had to say about the quality of the sound in our show. I offered a bit of an excuse, but it was a flimsy one.

The fact is that I really didn’t expect the show to find an audience so quickly. I haven’t promoted it at all (except to list it with iTunes, Blubrry, etc.) and I expected that we would have a few episodes to figure things out before anyone was really hearing our mistakes. As soon as I saw that people were actually listening to the program, my first thought was that I was in dire need of better equipment.

So tonight I made a major step forward in that department. Like I said, I agree with the reviewer that the quality is sub-par and if so many people are going to take the time to listen to the show, I owe them the best quality recording I can produce. Unfortunately all the new equipment will likely arrive a day late to come into play for the next episode (and the blizzard that just descended on New England certainly isn’t helping), but by episode 4 our loyal listeners will notice a marked improvement in the overall sound of the show.  And I thank them in advance for sticking with us during our show’s infancy.

So just to wrap up the story, I went back to the review site tonight to see if the critic had responded to my comment. Unfortunately the site was unavailable. Turns out that like me, he didn’t think anyone was listening just yet and my comment must have caught him by surprise. It’s currently listed as private.

I’ll keep an eye on it and when he’s up and running  I’ll share the link. Like I said, he had some good reviews and at the very least, he lit a fire under my ass to upgrade my rig.

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