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Coming Soon

by Noah Lugeons

This blog will begin in all its antagonistic glory at 6 pm on Saturday, the 21st, as soon as the rapture is done not happening. The Scathing Atheist is a weekly podcast that will debut on Thursday, the 26th of May. This blog will contain additional information, references, updates and news items that we are unable to fit into the weekly program.

It is only fair to warn anyone intent on checking back that this site will criticize all forms of faith and spirituality in the most blistering and unapologetic terms our collective vocabularies will allow. It is not that people of faith are not welcome on this site, but rather they are simply not wanted. The Scathing Atheist is not meant to open a dialogue with our Christian cousins and bridge the gap in our understanding. It is instead a place to bitch, vent and pontificate with righteous indignity about the relentless assault on truth and freedom that is religion.

That being said, we always welcome criticisms, suggestions and feedback of any sort. Be forewarned, however, for if your criticism doesn’t meet with our exacting standards you’re a ranting asshole, we will print your email and scathingly mock you.

Please direct feedback to noahlugeons@yahoo.com

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