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Episode 166 Shownotes


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Calendar Links:

SkepKon 2016; Hamburg, Germany, May 5-7th:

NECSS; New York, NY, May 12-15th:

SkeptiCal; Oakland, CA, May 15th:

Imagine No Religion 6; Vancouver, May 20-22nd:

American Humanist Association 75th Anniversary Conference; Chicago, IL, May 26-29th:

Guest and Appearance Links:

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Headline Links:

Report: About 2/3rds of British Muslims wouldn’t inform the authorities if they knew someone was a terrorist:

Nebraska judge denies prisoner religious protection because Pastafarianism isn’t a real religion:

Pope to trans teens: “Quitcher bitchin.”

Reports resurfacing of Ted Cruz arguing in court that Americans have no right to masturbate:

Update: Ark Park hiring practices are starting to come into focus:

Utah Mormons battle porn out of concern for “public health”

Guest on Jim Bakker’s show says Stonehenge was built by satanic giants:

Pastor Manning curses gay people to have flames shoot out of their asses (there’s more, of course):

This Week in Misogyny:

Afghanistan don’t want no lady-music:

Female MP in Iran may lose her job over cross-gender handshake:

John Kasich’s advice to women worried about rape: avoid parties with a lot of alcohol: