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Episode 164 Shownotes


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Headline Links:

MS gov signs anti-LGBT bill:

Retired lawyer sues Israel airline for making her change seats:

New Lifeway study: American Christians feel more persecuted than ever; Americans in general feel they’re more whiny than ever:

Rabbi announces Sabbath ban on Amazon Echo:

Ken Ham: “Ancient non-stick frying pans evidence for Noah’s ark”

TN bill would allow therapists not to treat atheists and other sinners:

Crazy person: “Sex ed is a plot to make money off of HIV treatments”

Bill to make bible TN state book passes both houses of congress:

LA Legislator: “We know creationism is true because we found Noah’s ark”

Set Free conference aims to cure America of porn:

This Week in Misogyny:

B-Fish: Those poor abortion women don’t know any better:

Shoebat: Women who have abortions are sluts that deserve the death penalty:

TX law forces woman to carry stillborn fetus to term: